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The qualified staff at Great Line Media will be happy to educate you and answer any questions about video marketing, and all phases of production. Is there a project you're working on, but could use some tips? We can organize some time via phone, skype, or other meeting method to help equip you to tell your own stories. With undergraduate and graduate level degrees in the field and multiple awards, we think our knowledge would guide you in the best direction to become the creator you want to be.

Video Pre-Production

Before we start shooting, Great Line Media takes the time to meet with you to brainstorm, discuss, and script your video. We want to make sure all elements of the project are in line and our partnership has the same focus to achieve the same result.

Video Production

Great Line Media will provide professional videographers, directors, and/or producers to help make the recording process as seamless as possible.

Video Post-Production

At Great Line Media, we believe the video editing process is the most important part of telling your story. With our award-winning editing staff, we will provide quality media in a timely and budget-friendly manor.

Audio Production

Our audio recording staff has experience recording live music, recording music in the studio, live interviews, and simply recording voiceovers. Ask about your audio recording needs.

Audio Editing

You don't like what you hear or you want a little more to it? Along with video post-production all audio will be handled and edited to provide the best product for each client.

*rates for all services start at $100/hr and are negotiable on a client-to-client basis*

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